Latest Results
Wallan V Riddell
Football Results
Wallan 5.6.36 Def by Riddell 24.15.158
Wallan 4.9.33 Def by Riddell 7.9.51
Under 18.5`s
Wallan 13.10.88 Def Riddell 7.8..50
Netball Results
A Grade
Wallan 26 Def by Riddell 64
B Grade
Wallan 20 Def by Riddell 45
C Grade
Wallan 13 Def by Riddell 26
Under 18.5`s
Wallan 6 Def by Riddell 57

2014 Gold Sponsors





Social Club


Social Calendar for the 2014 season

Saturday the 3rd of may @ the Club rooms Beer Tasting Night & more Details to follow

Saturday the 31st of May Man O Man @ the Club rooms

"a night for the Girls"

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Saturday the 21st June Ladies Day @ the Club rooms

Saturday the 19th of July Wallan V Kilmore Sponsors day @ the Club rooms from 1.00PM

Contact person for this event Phil Curtain 0417 413 363 e-mail

Saturday 16th of August $5,000 Draw @ the Clubrooms after the Wallan V Rockbank Game.