Round 1 Results
Kilmore V Wallan
Football Results
Kilmore 10.8.68 Def by Wallan 11.17.83
Kilmore 3.6.24 Def by Wallan 16.8.108
Under 18.5`s
Kilmore 6.5.41 Def by Wallan 11.14.80
Netball Results
A Grade
Kilmore 10 Def by Wallan 50
B Grade
Kilmore 12 Def by Wallan 44
C Grade
Kilmore 14 Def by Wallan 30
Under 18.5`s
Kilmore 39 Def Wallan 9

2014 Gold Sponsors




Wallan Football and Netball Club Sponsorship.

A community business partnership is about business looking beyond the cost of their involvement and being able to see the value of their investment that provides benefits for the business and the community as a whole.   Businesses showing Corporate Social Responsibility by sponsoring The Wallan Football and Netball Club can receive many benefits that set your organisations apart from the rest:


1.        Higher visibility in the Community

2.        Stronger branding and enhanced reputation  actions speak louder than words

3.        Opportunities to involve your staff in some of the activities that are available

4.        Better networking opportunities

5.        New business opportunities

6.        The opportunity to give back to the community



                         2014 Sponsorship options



  •  2014 calendar advertising, March 2014 distribution
  •  2014 Year Book advertising, Novemeber2014 distribution
  •  E-mail newsletter sponsorship
  •  Website sponsorship
  •  Merchandise Package Sponsorship
  •  Signage sponsorship packages
  •  Combined sponsorship packages
  •  Playing tops naming rights options

    Promotional days sponsorship options



If you would like to discuss any of these sponsorship options in more detail,
Contact the sponsorship manager
Phil Curtain
Phone 0417 413 363

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